Dil Raju Unhappy With Raja The Great


Dil Raju is known for pin point accurate speculator skills. His judgment never goes wrong either in production or distribution. He was extremely over-confident about Raviteja starrer Raja The Great released this week as Diwali bonanza for Telugu audience. 

Going in line with forecasts, RTG is raking good numbers in B, C domestic centers while the film lost its sheen on day 2 in metros and especially in Overseas the chances of revival are very bleak with $300 to 350K looks the maximum best gross number the film can collect in USA.

Loaded with ample commercial formula elements, Raja The Great is graded as one more repetitive flick from director Anil Ravipudi devoid of all basic logics. As time pass entertainment is not the alone attribute to judge a film’s fate in USA, wonder there is no surprise the film fell into its own trap.

Members from Dil Raju camp say that, he is though satisfied on domestic revenues but is completely perturbed with disgrace the film meted out in web media influenced USA collections. Truth to large extent, Dil Raju very well knows all the reasons behind RTG big collapse in foreign market.


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