Jagapathi Babu Gets a Real Murder Warning

Jagapathi Babu Gets a Real Murder Warning
Jagapathi Babu Gets a Real Murder Warning

These days, we are seeing Jagapathi Babu giving murder warnings as he is playing antagonist characters. But, in real life, he received murder warning from the principal of Siddhartha College if he speaks against caste.

Nevertheless, he spoke against caste and received applause, maybe because he is a celebrity observed Jagapathi Babu in a recent interview. He is dead against caste and we know he welcomed his daughter’s decision to marry a foreigner, an American. He had no issues with the bridegroom’s caste and had got them married.

He appreciated Sam and Chay for the private wedding with only 150 members, only relatives, and close friends in attendance. Marriage is not for others to watch it for entertainment but a celebration among the family members explained the star actor who is against grand celeb weddings which went live on TV with unlimited guests and fans in attendance.


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