Nagarjuna Blamed Samantha Shamed!


Tollywood Latest Block Buster Raju Gari Gadhi 2 is declared a run-away hit by none other than the film’s hero King Nagarjuna who in fact got major credits deposited safely into his daughter-in-law Samantha’s account for best portrayal of emotionally charged Amrutha character. 

Though director Ohmkar began the sequel project with an idea to continue his self styled horror comedy entertainment, final formula changed mid way when stars Nagarjuna, Samantha joined. Resultantly, RGG 2 became an emotional roller coaster ride whereas horror and comedy are thrown into backseats. 

Whatsoever, the film is made commercially profitable yet Nagarjuna is accounted with a blame for cutting down the film’s Box Office potential by chopping rib tickling comedy scenes shot on Shakalaka Shankar and remaining comedian team in second half. In turn, this helped Samantha to remain central story element and enjoy all the attention shouldering entire film on her shoulders in a rather serious narrative devoid of fun.

While Nagarjuna is of a view point that forced comedy ruins overall flavor, there’s a parallel section of artists and technicians in RGG 2 team felt that Nag did this only to customize RGG 2 more as his daughter in law Samantha’s film and recede a comedy artist’s domination. 

Despite Samantha has put all sincere efforts, one calculation by Nagarjuna to edit out nearly 10 minutes odd roaring comedy footage from final cut is making her feel ashamed.


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