Pawan Kalyan Is Angry on Me


Angry hero Rajasekhar opened once again on why Pawan Kalyan hates him. We are well aware that Power Star imitated Rajasekhar in a humorous way in his block buster movie Gabbar Singh which Jeevitha did not like.

Speaking to a TV interview while promoting his new movie Garuda Vega, Rajasekhar said that Pawan Kalyan is very angry on him. ‘He chose to imitate me in a poor light for a particular scene in Gabbar Singh. Pawan used that single scene to send a warning for me,’ said Rajasekhar.

‘During Chiranjeevi’s early days with Prajarajyam party, I criticized the party and also Mega brothers. That is why Pawan Kalyan hates me and he made fun of me in the film,’ Rajasekhar opined. Whatsoever, Pawan is unconnected with Chiranjeevi on political lines and controversy of those times holds no value in present times.  

Anyways, Rajasekhar is currently going through lean phase of movie career with none of his movies faring well at Box Office from long time. Finally, his latest offering Garuda Vega is about to hit the theatres soon and trailer seems to be promising.


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