SPYder first week collections

spyder collections
spyder collections

SPYder has collected a distributor share of 31.90 Cr by the end of it’s first week in Telugu States. The film dropped huge yesterday that it didn’t even collect 1 Cr which is very poor. Theatrical rights are valued at an approx 70 Cr and the recovery is only 45 percent so far. Going by yesterday and todays noon collections there won’t be any surprise that film’s recovery will be a maximum of 50 percent. Below are the area wise 1st week shares

Area 1st Week Collections 4 Days Collections 3 Days Collections 2 Days Collections Day 1 Collections
Nizam 9.60 Cr 7.53Cr 6.50 Cr 5.68 Cr 4.15Cr
Ceded 4.50 Cr 3.65Cr 3.04 Cr 2.66 Cr 1.98Cr
UA 3.78 Cr 3.01Cr 2.55 Cr 2.34 Cr 1.75Cr
Guntur 3.48 Cr 3.06Cr 2.71 Cr 2.55 Cr 2.10Cr
East 3.66 Cr 3.18Cr 2.93 Cr 2.75 Cr 2.31Cr
West 2.72 Cr 2.40Cr 2.26 Cr 2.13 Cr 1.90Cr
Krishna 2.42 Cr 1.89Cr 1.52 Cr 1.30 Cr 0.89Cr
Nellore 1.74 Cr 1.49Cr 1.35 Cr 1.22 Cr 1.03Cr
Total 31.90 Cr 26.21Cr 22.86 Cr 20.63 Cr 16.11Cr


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