Taapsee getting married to badminton player

taapsee-romancing-in-Mathias Boe
taapsee-romancing-in-Mathias Boe

Taapsee Pannu, who is dating Danish badminton player Mathias Boe, has stated that their marriage is still some distance away in the future.

Speculation began about their relationship when Taapsee was spotted at Delhi’s Siri Fort Sports Complex where Boe was taking part in the men’s doubles event at the Indian Open.

The actor is believed to have been introduced to Boe, an Olympic silver medalist, during the inaugural edition of the Indian Badminton League last year. Boe has gone on to acknowledge that he is indeed dating Taapsee via his tweets.

Taapsee though was guarded in her response when questioned about Boe and said : “I do know him well but I don’t want to say anymore on the subject as it involves someone else who has his own career and claim to fame. Besides, I give out enough information on my professional life without having to discuss my personal life.”

The actress also went on to add that although she had played badminton while growing up, she isn’t particularly good at it.

And while there is a buzz going around that the two will be tying the knot soon, Taapsee denies it, and insists that she is focused only on her Bollywood career for now.



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