Trivikram to Tap NTR’s Comic Side

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Recently, @’Big Boss Show Telugu and his Kusa character in ‘Jai Lava Kusa’ we have seen how NTR can bring out the funny side of himself and entertain audiences big time. Though he is called a terrific performer, the comic side isn’t tapped to the full extent.

So, according to the hearsay, Trivikram was very much impressed and more interested in the comic side of NTR after watching Jai Lava Kusa. The director wants to tap the comic side of NTR in his upcoming project. Well, that sounds really exciting as Trivikram is popular for punch lines and catchy one-liners. Trivikram is presently busy with Pawan Kalyan’s movie and NTR will take a long time to begin his next with the director. It’s going to be a long break for NTR and join the shooting from January, onwards. Meanwhile, TrIvikram will be ready with his script and NTR with the makeover. Let’s wait.


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